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The Benson Theatre nonprofit purchased the Benson theater building in September 2014 and is currently raising an additional $1.2 million to fund the renovation and the nonprofit’s first two years of operating expenses. Your tax-deductible donation will help preserve a historic landmark and support more educational opportunities for Benson and the greater Omaha community. Once open, the Benson Theatre aims to be fully self-sustainable.

Benson is a flourishing arts and entertainment district, and the timing to restore our historic theater and bring more diverse entertainment and vital business education to our community has never been better. The Benson Theatre has the potential to enhance collaboration among Omaha’s existing nonprofits, schools, and performing arts organizations while improving the quality of life for Benson and north Omaha residents.

Help us reach our goal and donate online to the Benson Theatre. Donations can also be mailed to the nonprofit at P.O. Box 4972, Omaha, NE 68104. For more information on sponsorships, contact Benson Theatre Director Amy Ryan at


About the Project

The Benson Theatre is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fosters the success of local artists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and underserved populations within the historic community of Bensonin Omaha, Nebraska. Our goal is to restore the historic Benson Theatre at 6054 Maple Street in Omaha to serve as a shared community space for business education and artistic performance. Built in 1923 as a vaudeville theater, the Benson Theatre is currently closed to public assembly and in need of a full renovation.

The Benson Theatre will provide performance space and business education resources that are not currently accessible in its urban area. The Theatre will offer independent programming and serve as an alternative stage in north Omaha for existing nonprofits, schools, and performing arts organizations. Programming will focus on education during the day and entertainment at night.



The Theatre’s programming will include educational workshops and seminars during the day and entertainment in the evening. Our nonprofit will provide performance space and vital financial education resources that are not currently accessible in this urban area.




Historic Restoration

The Benson Theatre first operated from 1923-1926 as the Benalto Theater. From 1927-1953, the theater was part of a chain of neighborhood theaters owned by the Epstein Bros. The Benson Theatre could originally seat an assembly of 400 for vaudeville performances, film screenings, and community events. The Benson Theatre Project is working with Omaha architect Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture and Omaha general contractor Lund-Ross Constructors to complete the historic renovation. Construction will include the following:


Take a Tour

Come see the historic Benson Theatre! Contact Executive Director Amy Ryan at to schedule a tour, or visit the theater during events throughout the spring. Stay updated on upcoming events and Like the Benson Theatre on Facebook.



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