Booking/Rental Information

Booking/Rental Information

Add-Ons & Extras: Optional Services for Any Tier

  • Rehearsals: $75/hr – limited to evenings when events have no been previously booked
  • Catering: $150/day (Full use of the catering room – catering is not included)
  • Projection: $150/day (Use of projector and projection screen)
  • Tech Tiers:
    • Tier 1: No added fee – house up/house down lights & up to 10 audio/light cues
    • Tier 2: $50/hr – over 10 audio/light cues, additional technical needs for 1 staff
    • Tier 3: $100/hr Additional audio engineer and full audio/sound design
  • Live Streaming: $200/event, ticket split for virtual tickets matches in-person split
  • Videography: $400-600/event based on the specific needs of the event
  • Photography: $400-600/event based on the specific needs of the event

Need Support to Pay the Rental Fees?

  • Ask us about Benson Theatre’s Community Fund
  • First time bookings can receive a 10% discount
  • Recurring programming is eligible for a 10% discount


  • Hearing loop system
  • Full ADA compliance
  • Elevator service to the green room, auditorium, and stage
  • Adult changing station
  • Compression swing


  • State-of-the-art lighting and sound system
  • live streaming
  • laser projection


Send us a message at, call us at 402-991-4333, or fill out the booking form below to tell us how you want to use the theatre.

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