Staff & Leadership

Staff & Leadership

Benson Theatre Board of Directors

David Levy, Board Chair

Lizzie Mensinger, Secretary

John Gessert, Interim Treasurer

Emily Andres

Wayne Brown

Kelly Davis

Jose Garcia

Uroosa Jawed

Jim Schneider

Charlie Sullivan

Benson Theatre Staff

Maddie ‘Midge’ Radcliff, Interim Co-Executive Director

Midge leads with an eye for collaboration, creativity, and compassion with a desire to help nurture the artistic communities of Benson and beyond. As a life-long theatre kid and lover of organizational structure, she’s able to merge her creative and business minds at the theatre to be a steward of the mission.

Jason Levering, Program Director

Jason is driven by creativity and connection with a passion for big ideas. He works everyday to be a catalyst for bold ideas and never lose the capacity to dream and create. Jason oversees our programming, invites new artists into our space, and works closely with collaborators to bring their vision to life.

John Forsman, Technical Director

John is the bones of every amazing show you’ve seen at the theatre! His skill in technical work is extraordinary but what’s even better is his hidden passion to uplift the creative visions of new artists. You’ll find John in the theatre for every event, making sure the sound, lights, and technical elements are perfectly on point.

Beaufield Berry, Marketing Manager

Beaufield is a force of action always ready to create something out of nothing. Her vision is to keep creating heart-filled, purposed work, staying true to herself, and never settling for less. She brings that powerful energy to everything she does here at the theatre and helps the marketing dreams of local artists come to life!

Jenna Lacy, Lead Bartender

Jenna is an absolute alchemist with so many hidden talents that are a constant source of joy at the theatre. Her work goes far beyond the bar, helping bring client’s visions to life and keeping an eye on mission-based worked in the theatre. She works to inspire others to act on their passions and drives for service.

Additional Staff & Support

Box Office Attendant

Fall Hurst

Technical Intern

Latjour Kuach


Michelle Eva Becker

Aaron Weisman

Elizabeth Aldrich

Brendan Reilly

Sydney Galvan

Kelby Hopwood

Zach Kyle

Moriah Madison

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