Voice of the City
Welcome to Benson Theatre! Our home was built in 1923 as a vaudeville theatre. In its day, vaudeville – which translates to 'voice of the city' – was a meeting place, an inclusive form of theatre that flourished especially in New York, where it fostered cultural exchange among the city's ethnic groups.
Our Roots
The Benson Theatre first operated as the Benalto Theater from 1923 to 1926. It could seat an assembly of 400 for vaudeville performances, film screenings and community events.



Legal Workshop for Entrepreneurs: Structuring a Thriving Business

A 2-Hour Workshop For Entrepreneurs, Founders, Creatives,
& Those With a Side Hustle, That Will Teach You…

The Legal Basics So You Can Better Understand:

– The steps of forming a business entity in Nebraska;
– The differences between Sole Proprietorship, LLC,
Partnership, C-Corp, S-Corp, & More;
– What you need to consider before you file or sign anything;
– How to proactively address common issues to reduce your risk;
– Ways to incorporate collaborative techniques in your founding
– How to develop more resilient partnerships to avoid costly
– Why it’s financially smart to speak with an attorney early in the
entrepreneurial process; and,
– How to get the most value out of working with an attorney.

What You’ll Get Out of the Evening:

-2 Hours of legal basics for entrepreneurs, led by a licensed
-Active Q&A* time to make sure you have clarity & confidence on
what was discussed
-Appetizers & refreshments to enjoy while learning & connecting
with other entrepreneurs
-Cash bar will be open for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
including teas/juices
-Free resource guide to take with you
-The chance to win a portable speaker w/ Amazon Alexa! (More
details coming soon)


ABOUT JACQUELINE HORANI, Attorney & Entrepreneur:

I’m passionate about small businesses and am proud of the incredible network of entrepreneurs here in Nebraska who continue to bring purpose & passion to my hometown.
It’s my goal to give back to my community by spreading the lessons and law I’ve learned to help more people become educated and empowered to feel confident in pursuing their passions, as well as knowing when to turn to professionals and how to get the most value when you do.
Join me for a fun and educational evening where I hope to answer your key questions and give you an overview of the legal basics that affect entity selection, partnerships, and contracts, and how the integrative, conscious, and collaborative movements in law can help you to build a better business!

Transforming the Way We Work #LegallyUnconventional A Legally Unconventional Workshop