Improv on Easy Mode: A Workshop on Emotional POV

Improv on Easy Mode: A Workshop on Emotional POV

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Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

Benson Theatre

10:00 AM

Running Time: 2 hours


  • BRENDA: Improv Instructors

Brought to you by Benson Theatre and Omaha Comedy Fest, Mr. Benson’s Comedy Hour workshops are a deep dive into the forms of comedy that we love most. Whether you’re a seasoned stand-up or a budding jokster, join us for a delve into what makes funny happen.

To kick us off, we’re thrilled to partner St. Louis’ BRENDA. BRENDA is an all-queer/all-femme House Team at the Improv Shop in St. Louis, performing since 2019. She is Leslie (the head), Mary (the heart), and Kaitlyn (the legs). For this performance, Mary will be represented by Alayna Huthsing, our very good friend and fellow Improv Shop teacher. Follow us (all) on Instagram @brendaimprov and @alaynahuthsing! 

Their workshop: “Improv on Easy Mode: A Workshop on Emotional POV” is open to all with a suggested donation of $10. Spots will fill up fast, so don’t miss your chance!

WORKSHOP INFO: Have you ever been in an improv scene, and found yourself having to think about what to say next? This workshop will focus on using emotion to inspire moves and dialogue to dig into scenework, rather than searching for what the “next thing” will be. This workshop will be open to all, from the Improv-curious to experienced! Kaitlyn Forks, Leslie Symonds, and Alayna Huthsing are all teachers at the Improv Shop in St. Louis with experience teaching Levels 0-4. Come play!

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