Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

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Thursdays-Sundays, October 17th-27th, 2024

Benson Theatre

Thursday-Saturdays 7:00 PM, Sundays 2:00 PM

Running Time: 2.5 hours


  • Maddie Radcliff: Co-Director

  • Jason Levering: Co-Director

  • Jennifer Novak Haar: Musical Director

  • John Forsman: Technical Director

  • Beaufield Berry: Movement

  • Jay Hayden: Inclusivity Coach

Dates: October 17th-27th, Thursdays-Saturday, 7 PM, Sundays 2 PM

Directed By: Maddie Radcliff and Jason Levering

Musical Direction By: Jennifer Novak Haar

Technical Direction By: John Forsman

Movement Coordination By: Beaufield Berry

In a world where storytelling transcends boundaries, where the eerie melodies of legends intertwine with the chilling narrative of the supernatural, Benson Theatre invites you to experience Ghost Brothers of Darkland County by Stephen King and John Mellencamp. Join us for the first production since its 2014 southern tour before it’s available anywhere else!


Set in the mysterious backwoods of Mississippi, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County follows the chilling saga of two brothers haunted by a tragic past. As they reunite after years of estrangement, they confront not only the ghosts that linger in the shadows but also the demons lurking within themselves. Secrets are unearthed, dark truths come to light, and the line between the living and the dead blurs in this gripping tale of redemption and revenge.

Doors Open: Thursdays-Saturdays 6 PM, Sundays 1 PM

Start Time: Thursdays-Saturdays 7 PM, Sundays 2 PM

Ticket Price: $25 general admission. $50 VIP Experience. $20 students, active military, and seniors.

VIP Experience: Get the ultimate spooky season experience with a preshow haunted walking tour of Benson, preferred seating before house opens, a preshow speciality drink, and more! More information coming soon! For questions on the VIP experience, pelase reach out to our BT staff!

Who Can Attend?

At Benson Theatre, we believe in unrestricted access to art for all Omaha communities without censorship. We welcome our patrons to experience different productions that engage their critical thinking and expand their perspective. We also understand that some works or performances are not for everyone. Appropriateness based on age is subjective and a decision best made by the informed adults guiding a child. To help our patrons determine whether an upcoming show is appropriate for their families, we have developed a rating system designed to provide context and information.

13 & Older: This show includes moderate use of adult language and may include spoken reference to adult topics, such as smoking or drinking. There may also be content regarding drug use, violence,or self harm. It may contain adult temes such as substance abuse, reference to sexual activity, or domestic abuse. This performance could cotain infrequent displays of violence, including slaps, short combat scenes, and basic sowrdplay. There are themes of horror and there may be the use of prop guns, or moderately intense sound or lighting displays that could frighten young kids. For more information about the content of the show, please reach out to the BT Box Office.

Listen to the Soundtrack to Get Ready!

Parking Information

There is a loading zone directly in front of the theatre that you are welcome to use to drop off passengers or theatre patrons. Please observe that you cannot remain in the loading zone for more than 3 minutes. If you require assistance unloading or helping patrons inside, please feel free to ask at our Box Office when you arrive.

Parking for Benson Theatre shows is available in the following locations:

Cavanaugh Law Offices: This parking lot is available weekends and weekdays after 5 PM. It’s located behind the theatre (north) at 6035 Binney Street. When parking is available, you will see a Benson Theatre parking sign at the edge of the lot.

CHI Health Clinic:  This parking lot is available Monday-Friday after 6 PM and Saturday-Sunday after 3 PM. It’s located in the southwest of the theatre at 2734 N. 61st Street. When parking is available, you will see a Benson Theatre parking sign at the edge of the lot.

Public Parking Lot: A free public parking lot is located at 2729 N 61st Street. This lot is first come, first serve and is not managed by Benson Theatre. Please obey the parking lot signage when using this lot.

On-Street Parking: Benson also has on-street parking with some restrictions. There is a 2-hour maximum from 8 AM-5 PM on Maple Street and Military Avenue. There is no parking allowed on these streets between 2 AM-6 AM. 

Please note: The lot directly behind the theatre is not open for theatre parking. This lot is the property of Haney Shoe Store (located off Binney street in the back of Haney’s Shoe Store and Virtuoso Pizza).

We also highly recommend and encourage the use of carpooling to events with friends and family and multimodal transportation to reduce the difficulty in finding parking for an event. On weekend evenings especially, we suggest arriving at least 30 minutes early to allow ample time to find parking. Once you’re here, you can always hit one of the amazing restaurants for a pre-show bite or grab a drink at our lobby bar before the show!

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