A Theatrical Marvel Returns with an Enchanting Twist: Benson Theatre and Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Present “Holiday Lights: Winter’s Wonderful Gifts”

A Theatrical Marvel Returns with an Enchanting Twist: Benson Theatre and Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Present “Holiday Lights: Winter’s Wonderful Gifts”

Step into the magical world of collaborative theater this holiday season as Benson Theatre and Brigit Saint Brigit join forces to present a heartwarming,

unique, locally-written tale of how families of all shapes and sizes come together during the end of the year. This singular collaboration brings together

the artistic prowess of two esteemed nonprofit theaters, promising a performance that will resonate with the spirit of giving and community.

Dates: December 7th-17th, Thursday-Sunday

Times: Thursdays-Saturday 7:30 PM, Sundays 2 PM

Location: Benson Theatre, 6054 Maple Street, Omaha, NE 68104

Tickets: $35 general admission, $30 students/65+/military

The Unveiling of Scrooge and Marley

In a theatrical twist that celebrates the creative drive of Omaha’s performing arts scene, we are thrilled to announce the roles of Scrooge and Marley will be brought to life by none other than Maddie Radcliff, Benson Theatre’s own Deputy Director, and Murphy Scott Wulfgar, Executive Director of Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre in the upcoming show Holiday Lights: Winter’s Wonderful Gifts. While both Maddie and Murphy have been staples of Omaha’s theatre scene for decades, Holiday Lights is their first experience collaborating and acting in a show side by side. Brace yourselves for a performance that transcends traditional boundaries, as these two theatre-makers take center stage in an unforgettable portrayal of Dickens’ iconic characters unlike you’ve ever seen them, wrapped in the magic of a variety of holidays that fall between Thanksgiving and New Years. The charming treat to arise from this third collaboration between BSB and BT is the instant bond on and off stage these two performers and producers have found.

“Maddie is an outstanding actor. What’s even better—she is the perfect scene partner: intuitive and mindful of those around her, patiently giving, endlessly kind, and open,” says Murphy. “Acting requires a vulnerability to share yourself while simultaneously nurturing a willingness to allow new ideas to find their way in. Maddie does this (seemingly) effortlessly. To watch her balance those concepts in real time is nothing short of remarkable. Dedication to any idea without pit falling into self-seriousness is rare. To work in an environment that prizes this ideal with someone like Maddie—even rarer.”

The respect, joy, and festivity in this collaboration is absolutely a two-way street. While Benson Theatre provides Brigit Saint Brigit with the perfect space to showcase these stories, Brigit Saint Brigit has provided a play that is mission-centered, locally-made, and honors the diversity present in Benson and the surrounding communities. This partnership has become a symbiotic relationship both Murphy and Maddie relish.

“Murphy is an extraordinary leader and collaborator on stage and behind the scenes,” says Maddie. “We work incredibly well together on the production side of the show, but also share a very rare, intuitive bond as actors. Murphy is a generous, inspiring, effortlessly talented scene partner who brings out the best in anyone he shares creative space with – with me being no exception. Stepping back onto a stage can be scary, but his trust and trustworthiness, his willingness to connect on a deeper level, and his egoless approach to character development has made this journey nothing short of affirming and joyous. I foresee many collaborations on the horizon.”

Tapping into the multidisciplinary talent of Maddie, Murphy, and the entire cast and crew of Holiday Lights has brought new layers of complexity and fun to the roles you know well. Written and directed by Murphy, this vignette-style show combines music, classic characters, audience favorites (Krampus is back!), and brand-new creations that illuminate the similarities (and differences) found between the many customs and celebrations that bind our families and communities together each winter.

Why Attend?

  1. A Tale of Unity:

Holiday Lights is an authentic symbol of collaboration, community, and the power of storytelling. By focusing not only on Christmas but on the many holidays and traditions that surround the end of the year, we invite every community to enjoy a collection of stories that reflects their own lived experiences.

  1. Executive & Deputy Directors as Scrooge & Marley:

Murphy Wulfgar and Maddie Radcliff bring their passion for theater and their unique perspectives to the roles of Marley and Scrooge. Experience a fresh interpretation of this classic under the guidance of these talented leaders.

  1. A Stellar Cast

Featuring some of Omaha’s finest, this cast of Holiday Lights is made complete with Adam Bassing, Dulce Mueller, Eric Griffith, Jack Zerbe, JoAnn Goodhew, and Katt Walsh who have contributed not only their acting talents, but their impeccable artist eye to every detail of the show.

  1. Supporting the Arts:

By attending this collaborative production, you’re not only treating yourself and your family to a night of exceptional theater, but also supporting the mission of both Brigit Saint Brigit and Benson Theatre. Your presence contributes to the growth and sustainability of nonprofit arts organizations in our community.

How to Experience this Extravaganza

Reserve your seat for this one-of-a-kind performance by visiting Benson Theatre’s Website or Brigit Saint Brigit’s Website. Be part of the magic as Murphy, Maddie, and the entire phenomenal ensemble of talented actors bring Holiday Lights: Winter’s Wonderful Gifts to life in a way that only a collaborative effort of this magnitude can achieve.

“The fact that all of this also so accurately describes the collaboration style at Benson Theatre should come as no surprise,” says Murphy. “Finding yourself in a group of accomplished artists whose sole purpose is to center other artists, and not their own ego or agenda, is something I wish for every artist who has something to share. Maddie embodies this—on and off the stage.”

“The holidays are filled with every emotion under the sun,” says Maddie, “and this show and this team of artists, producers, and creators, really captures the inner-emotional complexity of that human experience. Murphy has found a beautiful way to celebrate the joy, honor the sadness, and weave pathways to connect with every audience member in a way that makes them feel represented.”

As the holiday season approaches, let the spirit of togetherness, tradition, and the family you choose permeate your heart. Join Brigit Saint Brigit and Benson Theatre in celebrating the magic of theater, collaboration, and community with Holiday Lights: Winter’s Wonderful Gifts. Secure your tickets, invite your loved ones, and prepare for a theatrical experience unlike any other.

See you at the show, where the spirit of family (and the unforgiving judgment of Krampus!) meet the magic of the stage!

Connect with Us!

Stay updated on behind-the-scenes moments, rehearsal sneak peeks, and more by following Benson Theatre and Brigit Saint Brigit on Facebook and Instagram. Join the conversation around Holiday Lights using #HolidayLights2023 and share your excitement and experience with fellow theater enthusiasts!

Have an idea for next year’s Holiday Lights to showcase your own personal holiday traditions? Email Maddie and Murphy to get involved in the creative process and be a part of next year’s show!

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