Pan’s Labyrinth – Midnight Society at the Benson Theatre

Pan’s Labyrinth – Midnight Society at the Benson Theatre

Tickets to Pans Labyrinth

Saturday, September 16th at Midnight

Benson Theatre

Benson Theatre is bringing back an Omaha favorite – Midnight Movies! Enjoy cult favorites, nostalgic feel-goods, and all the movies you forgot you love. We’ll be featuring fresh popped popcorn for a buck, locally-crafted candies and confections, milkshakes (boozy and classic), specialty cocktails and mocktails, and the ultimate loungey vibe to kick back enjoy the show.

Rule stuff: We will adhere to the attendance guidelines set forth by the Motion Picture Association of America rating system on all movies screened. Rating information will be available on our website, ticketing platform, and social media posts. Doors will open at 11, house opens at 11:30.

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