Nebraska Drag Wars & Allstars Finale!

Nebraska Drag Wars & Allstars Finale!

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Friday, April 19th, 2024

Benson Theatre

8:00 PM

Running Time: 3 hours


  • Kharizma Valentine: Performer

  • Roxi Manacoochie: Performer

  • Babygirl T Uchawi: Performer

  • Tia Pet: Performer

  • Jessica West Bower: Performer

  • Xandra Maddox Roxia: Performer

  • AK-47: Performer

  • Pollie Pocket Roxia: Performer

  • Juanna V Mii: Performer

  • Nauta Drag Queen: Performer

  • Oxy Katan: Performer

  • Paloma J Luxe: Performer

  • Claudio T Sol: Performer

  • Ryan Luxe: Emcee

Nebraska Drag Wars is voted Nebraska’s best drag show for 5+ years! Founded by Kahtya Tehnsion and hosted by AK-47, it is a monthly competition based solely around the idea of drag excellency and creativity. “Allstars” is a second chance at Drag Wars victory, where we invite former contestants back from previous seasons. We honor our current reigning Allstar, Babygirl T. Uchawi, as competitors face off one last time for the title of Allstar 2! Only one winner, who will it be?

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