Sistahs Getting Well Presented by Urban League Film

Sistahs Getting Well Presented by Urban League Film

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Saturday, April 13th, 2023

Benson Theatre

5:00 PM

Get ready to embark on an inspirational health journey with Sistahs at the Well’s groundbreaking documentary, “Sistahs Getting Well.” This compelling film reveals the incredible journeys of two resilient Black women who have overcome and reversed the effects of chronic diseases. Explore the powerful stories of these exceptional women and witness their amazing transformations. “Sistahs Getting Well” will guide viewers through their challenges, struggles, and ultimate victories over health obstacles that once seemed impossible to conquer. Get ready to be touched, enlightened, and empowered as we share the keys to their achievements.

Meet Jacqueline G. and Michelle S., two exceptional individuals committed to advancing intergenerational wellness within their families and communities. Their narratives exemplify the significant role of community support in the healing journey, illustrating their personal development and advocacy for the health and prosperity of Black women.

This documentary delves into the disparities in healthcare experienced by Black women and the obstacles they encounter in accessing fair treatment. Esteemed professionals such as Dr. Neal Bernard, Dr. Terry Mason, Dr. Kim Williams, and Dr. Alduan Tarrt, alongside wellness experts and financial advisors, offer pragmatic approaches for women to proactively manage their health.

Through “Sistahs Getting Well,” we investigate the influence of social stressors on emotional eating patterns and chronic illnesses. The film encourages Black women to prioritize their well-being, irrespective of their financial constraints, fostering a strong bond between women and their health. It underscores the attainability of confidence and well-being for every woman.

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