Benson Social Presents: Moon Walker

Benson Social Presents: Moon Walker

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Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

Benson Theatre



  • Moon Walker: Musician

A call back to a traditional 100 years-old, the Benson Social is a new take on a classic. Curated evenings with our favorite, most evocative social media artists, sensations, and changemakers. Benson Social invites unique and thriving personalities to our stage to share their passion and talent with all of Omaha, bringing the viral stars of our modern age to our stage. We’re back at it with our epic presentation of TikTok superstar Moon Walker. 

While Harry Springer may compose, produce, and perform all of Moon Walker’s music in his bedroom, the electrifying and uniquely eclectic sound undeniably feels more fitting for a stadium. Thanks to sudden viral success on TikTok and praise from the likes of The Darkness’s Justin Hawkins, his 7-track debut album Truth to Power quickly established Moon Walker as one of rock’s most promising acts. 

In 2023, Moon Walker continued the hot streak; signing to a co-publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and Limited- Edition Publishing, releasing his third album Apocalypticism on October 20th, and going out on his first tour playing shows across the country with sellouts in Chicago, Nashville, Denver, and Columbus. Now he brings his vibrant musicianship to Omaha for an all ages shows sure to leave you energized and amazed!

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