Shawnequa Linder: We Are Different (Portraits)

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BENSON – The Benson Theatre Project is pleased to host “We Are Different” by Shawnequa Linder during the month of June at the B Side Gallery, 6058 Maple Street. The opening reception is Friday, June 7, from 6:00 to 11:00pm in conjunction with BFF. It’s free and open to the public – bring a friend!

The exhibition explores Linder’s unique approach to painting portraits. “Each has its own identity through colors, emotions and texture,” Linder said. “The color choice reflects the emotional state and the texture is the chaos within the subject matter.” Below is the artist in her own words…

My subject matter is movement, texture and color, whether it’s applied in a nontraditional landscape or portraits. The work explores the varying relationships between pop culture and fine art. I use a variety of materials and techniques in each painting to create some type of chaos within the subject matter. Using unconventional tools like crumpled-up plastic and business cards allows me to control the work in a rapid way, building up sculpture-like texture forms. I sometimes use my fingers as a paint brush to give a more intimate look and feel within the work. Working in this way allows me to add a depth and meaning to my work that is often challenging for viewers, and even myself, to recognize. My photographs also emphasize surface in an effort to uncover what cities hide under layers of time.

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