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The B Side of Benson Theatre is pleased to showcase the work of artists Dereck Higgins and Derek Shockey. The opening reception, which is free and open to the public, is Friday, Feb. 2, from 7:00 to 9:00pm. The reception will be followed by a performance from The Good Gurls, a burlesque performance troupe based out of Omaha. Tickets are $10.

About Higgins

Born in Omaha, Dereck Higgins comes from a musical/artistic family. He’s a self-taught musician known for his bass playing skills but plays several instruments. Higgins has been involved in a wide variety of bands and musical styles (rock, jazz, punk, electronic, funk) since the ’70s, including Norman & the Rockwells, Digital Sex, RAF, Disco Ranch, InDreama, Son Ambulance, Cleemann and Rikk Agnew Fiasco. He has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Japan and has opened for or played with REM, The Dead Kennedys, Ken Vandermark, Tatsuya Nakatani, Weird Al Yankovic, Melt Banana, 7 Seconds, Toxic Reasons, NOFX and Laraaji. Higgins recently started a record label, DVH Recordings, and has released eight titles to a small but worldwide fan base. He creates much of the visual art on his records and has also done wardrobe creation and supervision for the films Lovely Still, April Showers and The Scientist.

About Shockey

Copyright Derek Shockey. All Rights Reserved.

Artist Statement (sort of):

“I paint stuff. Though I’ve worked as a full-time artist for several years now, I’ve yet to come up with a proper statement or thesis. I find the concept in itself difficult. I mean, to attempt to apply some all-encompassing theme, concept or clear, distant goal to my body of work, to me, seems not only daunting, but quite limiting in many ways. I’ve found that most of my goals change with each series of work, as does the inspiration, the technique, the medium, etc. not to mention my perception of the world around me. ​Instead, I try to view most of my work as study. Through these studies, I’m able to work out various aspects of color, contrast, composition, texture, line, space, medium and technique in preparation for my masterpiece that will someday reveal itself to me. Influences include Mark Rothko, Roberto Matta, Gerard Richter, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Egon Schiele.”

The B Side of Benson Theatre, an arm of the Benson Theatre nonprofit, is located at 6058 Maple St.

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