For those of you who don’t know me, it’s been a busy month.

I recently announced my decision to close the Pizza Shoppe Collective to devote full time to my new role as executive director of the Benson Theatre.

I’ve called the Shoppe, the theatre’s next door neighbor, my home for the last 22 years, and my last official day of business there is March 11. The support I’ve received over the years is nothing short of phenomenal, and the experience has given me a lifetime of memories that are jam-packed in my grateful heart.

I’m thrilled that 6056 Maple Street won’t be empty for long, as local restaurateurs David and Brenda Losole plan to open Virtuoso Pizzeria in April. David will be stepping away from his family’s restaurant, Lo Sole Mio, where he served as executive chef in order to purse his passion for pizza. He is the only certified Pizzaioli in the State of Nebraska to graduate from Tony Gemingnani’s International School of Pizza.

We look forward to having Virtuoso Pizzeria as neighbors when we open our doors, and we love that our theatre patrons will have yet another dining option to choose from before or after they attend an event in our space. Great food and great arts experiences are a natural.

I’m one step closer to serving you within our theatre’s walls.

– Amy

Amy Ryan, executive director

Pictured: the Pizza Shoppe Collective, my work home for the last 22 years.

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